Nestea - Because Screw 'Em!

I caught the most recent Nestea commercial on TV the other day, and the 15 second product spot perplexed me enough to comment. I’ll provide the link here, but I’ll give a breakdown of how I took it.

A Pretty although somewhat homely girl turns to arms-length guy and says, “Jake, I love you.”

Completely plain and unmemorable male actor replies, “I, uhhh. (undecipherable moaning)”

Does his mumbling sound a little post-coital to anybody else? Like cracking that can gave way to more fluids than just iced tea? He sure had trouble making eye contact after that point.

“Just keep drinking.” The narrator says in a tone that reinforces the coldness of the actors intention to ignore the girl’s emotional vulnerability. Don’t worry honey, clearly he doesn’t feel the same way. But he sure does enjoy that Nestea. Almost too much.

Did anybody else find this ad strange? Sure, strange seems to be the name of the game when it comes to contemporary ad style, but does the point get lost in the bullshit? When I looked up the rational, the point was to display the larger format beverages. This to support the times when you might need to ‘drink a little more’. 

This isn’t a double jack and coke, what is the impact drinking a little more has on the situation? Here’s a couple of new tag lines I thought might work:

·       Nestea tall cans. Buy yourself more time to come up with a good lie!

·       Don’t like someone but have trouble confronting them head on? Ignore them over a new tall-can Nestea!

·       Awkward situation? Screw ‘em! Nestea.


“Sean, you’re reading into this too much like usual.”

Quite. I’m trying to make a point. It’s not necessarily about bad production or even a bad product, I’m quite happy with each in their own way. It just seems like randomness is getting in the way of an otherwise good product ad. 

“But Sean, we like humour!”

Got it. So do I, and I must admit, it did make me smile. That kinda weird, tilted head wonder like a dog hearing a high pitched sound. Anyways, just my thoughts on another awkward ad.