It's about getting attention...

Copywriting is a laser focused style of writing that looks to get maximum value from minimal space. You see this style of writing all the time; in publications, newspapers or advertisements. Here, your content has to grab attention quickly and draw a reader into your story.

I help companies build copy that grabs attention in an honest and effective way.

Corporate Copywriting

I have considerable experience copywriting for companies around Edmonton, helping them craft impactful stories. Everyone has something to say, but not everything you say matters. The job of quality copywriting for corporations is drawing in the right audience to get your message across.

Ad and Promotion Copywriting

  • AdWords and Online Campaigns
  • Brochures and Print Media
  • Landing Pages and Web
  • e-newsletters

So much advertising fails because it confuses the audience or delivers too broad of a message. With costs of physical and digital space increasing, companies have to make the most of their marketing budgets.

Great copy should resonate emotionally with your audience. That only works if you understand your audience, and what their most rudimentary need is.

My approach to ad copy and editorial is to focus in on the business objectives of the campaign and the desired customer. A mixture of research and testing produces top copywriting that has truly resonated with the companies I've done work for companies around Edmonton.


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