Content writing, editorial and SEO writing services for Edmonton. Also the SeKo blog for ad and marketing mockery by an experienced industry professional.

Content marketing and writing for a new era of information; I work with groups and companies to architect content and copy to achieve business results. My freelance writing services include editorial design, copywriting for websites, social media and conventional marketing material, and consulting on proper content direction.

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These are the advice and rants of an experienced marketing slave. My regular blog posts on everything from content writing tips to SEO tactics. Copywriting advice, SEO suggestions, news and maybe even a few laughs from a true spawn of marketing sludge. 

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In case you want to know more about who I am and how my mind became twisted as such, you can read more about my history. A snapshot of my working and life experiences. Perhaps more interesting to you, I have to deal with me everyday.

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Copywriting is like architecting language; it's a mixture of art and science. Copy has purpose, yet it has to be conveyed in an interesting manner. The true value of good writing is accomplishing business goals in an artistic way.

Content writing for the online world; SEO and web copywriting is balancing the equation of getting it right for the viewer, and right for the search engine. It's not just about getting found, it's about getting value from your online marketing.

This is building regular content that grabs interest and builds engagement. If you're talking online and nobody is talking back, there's room for improvement. Building the right dialogue is a challenge, and it requires constant effort.

Knowing what to say and how to say it is often the first battle we fight in content writing. It requires understanding the people who are offering something and the people who are buying to find the right content mix. This analysis helps companies understand where they should be talking, what they should be saying and how to manage that relationship.


Content writing is a critical element of today's marketing landscape. The art of persuasion isn't about being loud, people are reading past the noise and hype. Now we need well crafted, professional editorial that attracts, engages and encourages action. 

My approach has always been through a 'common ground' understanding. Building the profile of the customer and reinforcing information around their behaviours. If you understand how the average person buys, you will find success. 

It's still about sales after all, but for all the changes in technology and communication, the old saying is still true, 'People love to buy, but they hate to be sold'. I work with clients to understand their customer and build editorial strategies that work.

Copywriting and content has to balance so many things now. Rankings, conversions and attraction are all so difficult to achieve in a single statement. Accomplishing this requires an experienced architect of language, and my job is to learn about Edmonton companies and articulate their values in ways that matter to the reader.