Words to live by...

It's easy to create a vision or mission statement. Really. I suppose if you want a good statement, you'll have to put in some more work, particularly if you don't want a 'dime-a-dozen' sounding header to your company.

This is an editorial process that requires digging into the values that created a business, and anticipate where the company is going. A solid statement is designed so well, that it should help you solve problems and make business decisions. Great companies can look at their vision and mission, and use it to guide them, hold everyone accountable and create priorities.

I work with companies to go through this editorial process and uncover the elements that truly represent the personality and ambition of an organization. It's not an easy process, and it often requires going through very basic questions over and over again, but it build the foundation for a solid company vision and mission.

Why outsource this?

Through my times doing content marketing, either with an agency or freelance, I've run into countless companies that get their business, but have trouble sharing that vision. It requires architecting language in a universal way so the leaders, employees, customers and public can resonate with the purpose and intention of the organization.

So, when we sit down, we can crunch through that which makes you special, and why people should care.