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Content is arguably the most critical element of good SEO. Heck, most companies require heavy search engine optimization because their content stinks!

Think about what the search engine job is: find the best possible content for a reader’s interests. So, focus on great content and you’ll be ahead of the game.

The difficulty is that there’s more to writing the best SEO and web content than just a lot of words. It requires the right keyword frequency and combinations, plus focused page topics. On top of that, it still can't be boring junk words on a page!

So, to deliver professional SEO content writing, I focus on researching the product, the audience, and then build a topic based breakdown of points. 

Online Content

There's a lot of talk about what makes great web copy, and unfortunately, most readers want pictures, lists and big simple words. That doesn't do much for helping with rankings.

Building great web content is about understanding headlines, call to actions, and where to put your copy so it engages your readers. Working with the existing web designs, I frame keyword rich content that supports the customer's purchase path as well as rankings.

The challenge of any web writer is balancing keyword rich content with an easy to read format. You have to write for the reader first, without forgetting about your second audience, the search engine.


One of the easiest ways to understand the value of your optimization content is to use analytical tools. This can show the most popular online information, where people leave and what kind of elements of your content truly matter.

Cheers to Google for blocking a lot of the keyword data, but we can still get some good snippets from analytical tools. I can help companies interpret their data and make good decisions about their content strategy.


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