Balancing Compliance with Creativity

I started my career in safety doing sales for an online management tool, and what I learned during my time there is how cold and boring it can be. As I moved into content writing, I still worked with a lot of industrial companies that had complex safety programs that needed to be articulated. The problem was that the safety team has passion, the management cares about the bottom line and the employee cares about getting their job done. This meant content for wellness programs was often massive, yet it failed to connect with the person most directly impacted by it, the employee.

Writing great content about safety is about balancing regulations with inspiration. You need the people on the end to care about participating, and understand their role in the process is critical to overall success. 

So, how do we do this?

I take a very thorough approach to understanding the mission of the program, the strengths and the challenges. Having spent time in a safety environment, I can help spot the components of a program that can be inspiring, and draw the reader into exploring more. Content writing for wellness programs requires demonstrating impact and being transparent.

For companies looking to create either internal or external safety programs, publications or policies, having a content writer apply their touch can make a boring program engaging. I work directly with safety teams and personnel to help develop compliant yet fun content.

Program Writing

  • Safety documentation
  • Policies and procedures
  • Articles and advocacy



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