The right thing to say...

“Best in quality!” - We’ve all heard this enough times to be nauseous. If you can’t articulate who you are and why you matter (and without being boring and vague), it’s time to inject some content strategy.

What we want is compelling copy that grabs attention and clearly communicates your advantages or message. Too often we start writing without clearly knowing where we’re going, so start with some good questions:

  • What are the identifiable advantages to your product and service? 
  • How do customers choose and what’s their next best option?
  • What tools to they people use to shop?
  • Is their information that truly matters to your customers?

These are just some of the questions that build a foundation for excellent content. It sometimes takes a lot of time to build this understanding, and it often requires research and interviews. Still, if you want to stand out in your messaging, you have to take these editorial steps and build a proper content strategy.

Building Great Editorial

I help companies identify and compose very powerful messages. My experience in marketing has taken me through dozens of new and established companies, and most still hadn’t clearly established these points.

So don’t feel bad. I work with existing marketing and communications teams if they exist, or directly with ownership to understand your business. With this knowledge, we can develop a solid editorial strategy to support various business initiatives.

When does this really matter?

  • HR and Recruitment
  • Promotional Campaigns
  • Bids and Sales Material

An editorial strategy really comes into play when you have a specific angle your attacking. Hiring blitzes, new products and sales programs are all situations where a finely tuned content plan will pay dividends.

I've worked with dozens of Edmonton companies to build editorial strategies to help bolster corporate initiatives. It really comes down to writing great stories and statements that interest you audience.