Find God's Match and Other Impossibilities!

Why should this bother me? Why should it bother anybody? Maybe it’s because no matter how I look at the statement, ‘Find God’s match for you’ it only serves to anger me. It’s disgusting to play on such corruptible heartstrings as religious bias, and serve it up like an undisputed truth. A perfect happiness like only God could provide! What a pile of crap.

I find myself at distance from religion, but even in that regard, I can spot deception when I see it. How could anybody or any organization claim to know what God’s match for you is? It’s hard enough for a church to know what the word of God is, let alone understand his will. Wars have been started for less!

Still, let’s focus on the marketing. A Christian dating site that hopes to help people of a similar faith connect and build relationships. I have no problem with dating sites, I don’t even have that much venom for prolonging cultural and spiritual segregation. Ok, maybe I have a lot of venom for that. But give your own followers some credit.

To say that you can find God’s match is to say that the computer algorithms and consultants have a conduit to the Lord himself. 

“Lord, is Tim good for Becky?” (I picture the system as a big land-line that goes straight to a cloud somewhere)

“Yes, this will make a great creationist couple!” A booming yet pleasant voice returns.


How can this pass as credible advertising? How has this not been fought by anybody? Unless the site offer a 100% success rate, it would convince you of one of two things. One, that if it didn’t work then you mustn’t be a true believer. Yay, convert now! Or, the second option is that there is no God. Well, perhaps the third option is that the program lied to me, but how could this be the case? We have God on our side with this relationship!

The fact that I still see this commercial after so many months is shocking. It probably hurts me most because I’m sure that it’s working. There are probably hundreds and thousands of Christians out there who feel this is their best chance of happiness. Cool, be a dating site, but drop the undeliverable promises. Saying this is God’s match is saying you offer perfection (I would assume most believers feel their God is perfect) and nobody can deliver that.