Ad Rant - Chevy 'Feel About A Guy'

I’m probably most upset about this because of the dire saturation these Chevy ads have been having everywhere. It grinds on me to see most advertising in place of my programming, but these Chevrolet ads are so blatantly misleading, and not in that fun ‘make fun of yourself’ way that we find endearing.


First – Misleading

Why not have a Chevy next to a Ford F-150? You know, one of the most popular trucks ever? Instead you’ll put a hot red truck next to family car, no wonder there’s more curb appeal.

Try this.

Get a pregnant focus group and make one option a minivan. Or try two cars, or even two trucks. But no, let’s make this as misleading as possible and make it seem like we have the sexiest vehicles. I’m sorry, put Starlord Chris Pratt next to  Elijah Wood and you think you’re making an honest comparison of sex appeal?


Second – Colour 

Switch the colours. Just do it. Make the car hot red and the truck a nice, basic, fleet model white and see what people think of the guy.

“Hey ladies, do you like Jimmy rig pants in his white fleet truck, or sexy Jimmy in his sexy red car, sexy, sexy?”

The girls then gush about the guy next to the hot red car, end of story.


Third – Language Choice 

Which one has more sex appeal? I’m marginally ok with this choice because it’s a female focus group looking at dudes. Picture a chick in the ad now and some guys sizing her up. Would that not have blown up with some ridiculous, sexist agenda?

“Do you fawn over this hot 20 something in the tube top and the bright red truck filled with Budweiser, or your wife next to the wood-paneled 80’s minivan with rust spots? 

Give me a break Chevy, some of your ads in this campaign were enjoyable, but this was a poor effort to build up your brands sexy image.