Advocacy Writing

It thrills me every time a company puts forward new standards, technologies or processes that better the world around us. Advocacy is far from being a trend; the future of brands is statements about the impact they have on the world around them. Just as a brand experience entails everything we that can impact our perceptions, social advocacy is becoming a new standard in content and branding.

When writing for these constructs, I try to bring in the personality of a company and what the tangible connection is. Content writing is often an art that works to draw the story from something that struggles to speak. With businesses, they quite often struggle with developing their PR story, hence freelancing or outsourcing the PR responsibilities.

Where to begin…

The process of copywriting for these very emotional topics comes from interviews and research into participants in the program. By understanding the people and their perspectives, I can help create these inspiring stories that so many businesses have, but they just need the poke to get started.


Advocacy Writing

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Environmental Programs
  • Charitable Programs
  • Social Good Stories