The Sean.

A storyteller from a corporate background. At least that's what I call myself. Having spent years in Edmonton doing marketing, sales, project management and content writing, I've built an interesting blend of expertise.

I have found however, that everything is ultimately sales. What we say and how we say it is about getting attention and persuading. Don't think of it as dirty, embrace the fact that we as writers are still about selling. The better we get, the more subtle it seems.

To get to this point, I have pushed myself through the agency world as a marketer to grow my insights. This experience has helped me tell stories for other companies and individuals who have great things to say, and difficulty saying them.

The Kopen.

Husband, gamer, athlete and animal lover; the perfect romantic storytelling mix I would say. 

Free time isn't really a thing for me, in fact, I'm almost tirelessly surrounding myself in activity. I have a website, YouTube channel and I'm constantly freelancing. Perhaps this is what makes me a pretty good entrepreneur.

Writing has always been a core element of my life because of how important stories and humour are to me. I love art, music and literature; all the wonderful luxuries I find enjoyable in life.

A great thanks has to go out to all the people (teachers, friends, family) who have always encouraged me to do the things I find fun. 

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg